Located 18km (11 miles ) North of Bogotá, a very nice plot of flat terrain with area of 28,000m2 ( 7,0 acres ) with tremendous potential of urban residential growth of Bogotá towards the North, as it will be connected by a new super highway “Ciudad de Cali” which is already 80% completed and is expected to arrive in Guaymaral by the end of 2003.
Many first-class gated communities and luxury residential homes have been built in that area which has the added advantage of the alternate airport of Gaymaral,where several flying schools and clubs operate, as well as the Police Air Department, which gives this area an unusual safety.
According with present zoning regulations, (8 ) houses /ha can be built,for a total of (22) units,and there is a tendency to increase the allowed density

Plot Plans

As it can be seen in the plot plan the property is almost a rectangle of 80mx350m with (2) road access, one at each end.

Prices and Terms

Before applying for development permits, this property is for sale of minimum 50% of the total area.
The asking price before development is US$ 63 / M2 (Col $ $ 125.000/m2) for a total price of US$945.000 (Col $3.750.000 million)

Terms can be agreed,depending on size of purchase